Christmas Break Calls for Crafts

One thing that you will learn about me is that I LOVE to craft. I like looking up new idea’s on Pinterest, seeing things at markets or in stores and figuring out how to make it myself. I hope to share some of my crafts, idea’s and methods with you. So, let me start with one of my most recent crafts.

This past Holiday break, one of my favourite crafts was making these beautiful center pieces. In fact, they served as the perfect unique gift to give to people and they are SO well received.

My boyfriend Nick and I spend a lot of time at his parents house in Erin Ontario. This is where a lot of the wood work and crafting happens. There is a ton of space for us to get our hands dirty and his father has all of the tools that are required to make the majority of the craft idea’s we have. He is also very knowledgeable and always has an answer when we hit a road block. Nick is a carpenter so let’s just say I got lucky with the men in my life, considering how much I enjoy DIY projects. In fact, these center pieces were his father’s idea.

What you see above are cedar logs which were previously used for fencing and is how they got that perfect weathered look. All it took was some sanding, varnishing, a drill press (with a 1.5 inch drill bit) and TA DA….a beautiful center piece was the result!

There are so many things that I love about these. They are simple, yet so romantic and they really finish off the “look” you are trying to achieve. Add some candles, flowers, acorns…or whatever natural things you can find to dress it up that suit the season. It really is the perfect touch and I promise that your guest will ask you where you got it from. WINK WINK! (Email me if you’re interested in buying one)

Wood Centre Piece

Here you can see one that has been completed and how it was dressed up for Christmas dinner.

Hope you enjoyed our craft. Looking forward to sharing the next one with you.

Donna Marie ❤

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