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You Are What You Eat

In an earlier post I talked about kicking off the new year with a workout, and how working out naturally makes you want to eat better. Well, after getting my lunch workout in, that rush of achievement came flooding back. I went home proud that I worked out and wanting to keep the healthy start going, so I decided to work on the other aspect of living a healthy lifestyle…food!

For Christmas I received a smoothie recipe book from by boyfriends parents. I have to say that my first impression of it is great! The recipe book starts off by diving into all the different fruits and vegetables that are used throughout the recipe book. It lists the health benefits in each item, as well as the calories. Later in the book, it outline different chapters with different purposes. For example, there is a section of drinks that are suitable for children, a section for green smoothies and even a section for dessert smoothies. There are smoothies and juices that are meant to help with disease’s or health problems as well.

As I looked through the book, I became really excited with all of the possibilities that I had at my fingertips. I am a huge fan of smoothies so this really was a great gift for me. The only thing that was holding me back was; a) the amount of products require to blend a smoothie and b)actually doing it. I suddenly found myself envisioning a smoothie chef in my kitchen. Crazy right?! This thought took me to my next thought. If only I have everything pre-chopped in a bag I would be more inclined to make myself a smoothie every morning. After-all, that is the best part about smoothies! You can get a ton of your daily required nutrition in one drink, if you build them with knowledge. I am in!

I chose three recipes to follow, pulled out my cutting board and got to work. I then took out small Ziplock Bags to put all the ingredients together and throw them in the freezer. BEST. IDEA.EVER! I labelled each bag so that I knew what smoothie I would be drinking. I pre-made a protein smoothie, a green smoothie and a cleansing smoothie. I will not being trying the cleansing smoothie while working, but after a few cheat days this weekend I am glad I will have something to help my digestive system out. This morning I grabbed one of the bags and threw the ingredients into my handy Vita-mix and went to work a happy woman.

I’ve Included some photo’s of the smoothie making process below for your viewing pleasure. Maybe pre-made smoothies will become my next big thing!

P.s. My smoothie was D-licious

Donna Marie ❤


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