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Pants That Feel Like Butter

I frequently go to a Yoga Studio chain in the Mississauga/Oakville area called Power Yoga. I have to admit that it took me awhile to warm up to doing yoga as a workout, as I am not naturally flexible I found it. The reason that I took to Power Yoga is because it is in an extremely hot room, which made the movements more enjoyable for me and after awhile, I would even say soothing. I also grew to really like one particular instructor Pino who was extremely motivating and uplifting. His personality was infectious and as time passed, I learned to love hot yoga.

Along with loving hot yoga, came some things that I did NOT love. The biggest being that I sweat a lot! After class I would change into dry set of clothes but due to the stickiness, I was never very comfortable. While travelling back from an all girls trip with my Nonna, mom, and sister I saw a lady wearing an awesome pair of pants. A pair of pants that most of the yoga world are familiar with, the Harem pant. They were the perfect solution for my post hot yoga classes, not to mention great for travelling as well.

I went home and immediately started looking up different Harem pants that I could potentially purchase online. I found a few options, but most were of patterns that I did not particularly love. They were also more of a cotton material, and in my mind the perfect pant would be made of a buttery soft and comfortable pant. This got me thinking that maybe I would design a pants similar to a Harem pant, but modernize them a little. I went to the fabric store and started playing around with different designs and chose materials that felt so incredible soft against my skin. I finally made something that worked, just as I imagined it.


I have to admit, the hot yoga class that I went to I brought my pants with me. Excited to try them on after my workout, I pulled them out of my pants and threw them on. They did exactly what I had hoped. They  were the perfect thing for me to throw on and not feel gross and sticky after an intense and sweat workout. I also use them every time I travel a far distance, I take them with me because they are so easy to throw on and give you all the room to need to feel comfortable. As I told my friends about it, they don’t me how much they loved the idea. I am in the process of having these made so that I can sell them. I would love some honest opinions about the pants. The idea is that there will be a few different styles, some with more “crotch” than others.

Leave feedback, I would love to hear what you think!

Donna Marie ❤

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