DIY Mason Jar Decor

I am always looking for new crafty idea’s, and home decor is an area that I love to focus on. Naturally, during the Holiday season this past year I wanted to come up with something simple yet pretty to craft up. I also wanted it to have multipurpose so that it can be changed and used to match the season.

My boyfriends mother actually found this idea on Pinterest, so we decided to give it a try. DIY Mason Jar Vases. She chose to do a Christmas version, and I decided to try something that could be interchangeable. We were both very happy with the outcome of our project, it took very little time, preparation and money.

Here is what you need;

  • A Mason Jar – You can find these virtually anywhere from the grocery store, the dollar store or even in Nonna’s pantry
  • Chalk Paint – Most websites suggested that we get a more expensive paint from a craft store, but I went to Walmart and picked up the Chalk Paint they had there and it worked just fine. The paint was a bit thicker than the premium product, but that just meant that you don’t need as many coats
  • A paint brush/sponge- Medium size worked best
  • Finishing Wax – I also bought the one from Walmart for this
  • Sand Paper- This is what you will use to give the jar a distressed look
  • Clean Cloth- You would use the clean clothe to put the wax on after you have painted and sanded the jar
  • a box or piece of wood – You can really use anything. Julia used old barn board and cut it down to make it a box and I just used a small piece of barn board as a “platter” to showcase my mason jars
  • Decor- Depending on the season that you want to use your jars for, gather the appropriate decor. For example, Christmas Jars could use Cranberries, twigs, holy, bells and twine. For a summer jar you can get real or fake flowers and greenry

Below you can see what I chose. Now picture these filled with beautiful flowers and greenery, put it in the middle of the table and use it as a center piece.

Hope you enjoy my craft as much as I do! Until next time….

Donna Marie ❤

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