What’s up buttercup?! If you are visiting, you may already know who I am but it only seems appropriate that I formally introduce myself. My name is Donna Marie and I have SO much to tell you.

Sometimes I feel like my mind is operated by a bunch of oompa loompas (obviously a big fan of anything that has to do with candy), who never want to let me rest. It seems that every other day I have a new idea of what I want to do for a living, where I want to be, or something new to create. I have so many passions and idea’s that I have a hard time organizing my thoughts and calming my excitement to learn something new. This blog is my solution and will continue to let me grow and learn. I love any kind of DYI project, woodworking, making my own workout routines, making jewelry and designing clothes.

I hope to inspire you to try new things! Invite the girls over and try something new, make a bracelet, drink some wine, talk about ALL the things and thank me later. I’m excited for you to get to know the weirdo in me, and I invite you to let your inner weirdo out as you peruse my Blog. Feel free to write comments, send feedback or reach out anyway you like. I’d love to get know you a little more, as you are learning all about me.

Thanks for visiting, hope you come back soon!

Donna Marie ❤