First blog post

Well it is officially 2018, and here I am!

As each day brought me closer to “back to work” I could feel myself getting a little more anxious knowing that I would be losing all of my ME time again. After discussing with my girlfriends who were all feeling the same way, one of them reached out to me and suggested I start a blog. My creative side acts as an outlet for me, so why not start off the new year sharing my creations with you to use an outlet, plus you’ll have cool shit in the end.

A job makes money for you, creates a life for you but this blog will allow you to tap into the bad ass that you really are and indulge for a sweet minute. I am glad you have taken the time to join me on my journey and hope that in return, I spark a little fire within you that leads to great happiness. Whether that be through fitness, baking, creating, or even motivating you to start your own blog or business. So without further adue….let’s do this, buckle up and hang on because 2018 is all about YOU (and me of course)!

See you in my next post…..Donna Marie ❤